Ocean Reserve


  1. This is an opportunity to acquire freehold property in Le Bouchon Beachfront opposite the jetty & Ilot Brocus
    When facing the beach we are completely to the right (close to Barachois), and not to the left where there ar e public toilets
  2. The First Phase (10 acres) is almost fully booked, and amenities such as water, electricity and asphalt are done
  3. Reservations for lots in the second phase (15 acres) are now open and the lot sizes are still flexible at this stage.
  4. All boundary walls will be identical & construction plot coverage should not exceed 50%.
  5. Directions:
    • After Rose-Belle round-about, move south to La Rosa/L'Escalier round-about. Take ur right towards L'Escalier. At the end of the road, at a T_junction, turn left towards Trois Boutiques.
    • Once u reach Trois Boutiques, take ur first right asphalted road.
    • 2 kms ahead, you will reach Careau Acacia, you will c Udhin Store on your right after a sharp bend.
    • Move on 100 metres ahead and take ur first right asphalted road.
    • Site 600 metres straight ahead.
  6. Rs100-150k per perche
  7. Lot Sizes > 10 perches
  8. The first phase has been asphalted, underground electric crossings done. Cwa works completed
    Book Visit: Call on 765 15 44 (Ritesh); 8251202(Gineaud)

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